As part of international exchange programs (EU and non-EU), students can spend a study period abroad, typically lasting one semester, according to the following modalities:

· During the 2nd semester of the 1st year of the Master’s program (LM);

· During the 1st semester of the 2nd year of the Master’s program (the stay may extend to a full year if previously approved by the relevant School authorities and agreed upon with the professors of the chosen Architecture Studio);

· For students conducting a thesis with dual supervisors (one from the chosen Architecture Studio, one from the foreign university hosting the exchange), subject to the agreement of the involved professors, it is possible to spend the mobility period in the 2nd semester.

The academic calendars of partner schools do not always align with that of the School. Students must review these calendars to submit a well-informed application, considering any potential overlaps. Selected students must agree on a Study Plan with the mobility promoter, equivalent to the courses at the foreign university they will attend, up to a maximum of 80 ECTS. Foreign students enrolled in the Master’s courses participating in an international mobility program can acquire a maximum of 30 ECTS. Students may repeat study abroad experiences only with different exchange programs from the one already completed, up to a maximum of 90 ECTS (Bachelor’s + Master’s). The faculty member promoting the exchange project will recognize the credits and the equivalence of courses and studios passed abroad with a positive exam outcome. Within the exchange programs, it will not be possible to request validation of Italian courses related to Italian legislation. If a selected student must cancel their study abroad period, they must formally submit their resignation. Information on exchange programs, double degree projects, international internships, European research projects, and international relations is available on the university website.

Here you can find the Guidelines for completing the Learning Agreement in Italian and English. More information is available here.