Addition of a steel structure to the existing Convitto of the Società Umanitaria

Thesis title:
A SECOND CHANCE FOR A 50’S BUILDING. Addition of a steel structure to the existing Convitto of the Società Umanitaria

Date of discussion:
15 December 2020

Emiliano Gabrielli Galli

Giulio Massimo Barazzetta

Professors of the Studio
Giulio Massimo Barazzetta (Architectural Design)
Rossana Gabaglio (Architectural Preservation)
Angela Silvia Pavesi (Technology and Design in BIM Environment)
Mauro E. Giuliani (Structural Design )
Luca A. Piterà (Building Services Design)
Lucia Toniolo (Materials for Preservations)

The area taken in consideration is located within the complex of buildings belonging to the Società Umanitaria, a historic institution located in via Daverio, in the Guastalla district.
The thesis consists in the redevelopment of a building from the 1950s, designed by Giovanni Romano on occasion of the reconstruction of the entire lot, bombed and destroyed due to the Second World War.
The project aims to restore the building’s initial use, at the time a student house, now passed under the domain of the Procura di Milano and converted into offices.
The main points are two: guaranteeing new access to the backyard of the Umanitaria and restoring and transforming the existing building, attributing the necessary surfaces also based on the existing legislation regarding student housing.
A thesis that touches various points: from the architectural aspect (trying to combine the residence of Romano with an equally modular architectural language that follows precise rules) to the technical aspect, such as the question of the new structure.
Therefore, the relationship between new and existing becomes central, paying attention to the rhythms of the old to conceive those of the new.

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