Naumburg theater design

Thesis title:
FREEDOM THEATER. Naumburg theater design.

Thesis discussion date:
18 Dicembre 2019

Siqi Liu

Maria Grazia Folli

Professor of the Studio:
Maria Grazia Folli (Architectural Design)
Corrado Pecora (Structures)
Lavinia Chiara Tagliabue (Technology and Design in BIM Environment)
Giovanni Dotelli (Innovative Materials for Architecture)
Francesco Romano (Building Services Design)

This thesis tackles the Naumburg theatre design, whose site is located in a historical city, in the previous location of an old prison.
Firstly, through the analysis of the context of Naumburg and the existing buildings, the positive and narrative features could be shown, which will provide a guide for the design.
In this situation, the design is required to keep the memory of the history and the original life track of the local and at the same time, to improve the quality of the city experience. So, this is the target of the design.
Secondly, based on this target, the methodology of design is set up.
On the scale of the city, the project is intended to enlarge the public area around the crowded old city and extend the green ring.
On the scale of the existing buildings in the site, the strategy is to preserve the historically valuable buildings and add new iconic elements to the city.
Additionally, the technical strategies are also explained such as structure, building service, BIM technology application and material innovation, which provide comprehensive support for the project to ensure that it’s reasonable, effective and eco-friendly.

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