• Maria Grazia Folli
  • Giovanni Dotelli
  • Marco Imperadori
  • Corrado Pecora
  • Elena Lucchi

The Studio seeks to contribute to the training of architects that must be able to work all over the world, with ethical and cultural awareness, through advanced technical skills. These are tools essential to face the future of living space and the needs of societies and places, designing architectures that incorporate new meanings, structural and constructive adequacy, principles of environmental, economic and aesthetic sustainability

Contradictions and complexity of reality ask a multidimensional approach to problems and spatial scales of architecture. Studio1 and 2, with a progressive approach, face the challenge of improving the quality of human space, through projects able to manage programs of high difficulty, reconciling theories and pratices which, together, can produce virtuous interactions between symbolic -esthetic-functional and technical-structural aspects.

Studio1 has addressed theater architecture. Today, architectures for the production and/or consumption of culture can play a strategic role, not only as spectacular icons, but as generative devices of collective and civil values; as architectures able to promote aesthetic and educational experiences and contribute to the revitalization of contexts. The projects were developed in a strategic place of a hystorical German city, in cooperation with the local government.

Studio 2, in the first semester, dealt with the controversial theme of the tall building, participating in an International Architecture Competition. In different contexts, students’ projects demonstrated the constructive, economic, functional ‘sustainability’ of high rise constructions, coherent expressions of synthesis between creativity and rationality, among architectural form, functions, structure, techniques and materials. In the second semester, each student will choose either the topic of the theater or the one of tall building: the projects will be developed through in-depth analysis at the highest possible cultural and technical quality levels.