Novartis laboratory building. Public space of communication and interaction

Thesis title:
NOVARTIS  CAMPUS. PHYSICS GARDEN 5. Novartis laboratory building. Public space of communication and interaction

Date of discussion:
15 April 2019

Yanya Yang

Francesca Battisti

Professors of the Studio
Francesca Battisti (Architectural Design)
Mauro Marinelli (Architectural Design)
Angela Silvia Pavesi (Technology and Design in BIM Environment)
Gianpaolo Rosati (Structural Design)
Noel Adolf Van Hattem (Technical Plants)
Narges Golkar (Complex Infrastructures)

New Graduates Prize, awarded by the Order of Architects of Milan annually

The thesis investigates the role urban design, architecture and landscaping can play as a part of a corporate company strategy of innovation, exploring how new planning principle and spatial ideas can influence on contemporary corporate campus pattern and the its aesthetic vision. Within the Novartis Corporate Campus in Basel, a new lab building measures the threshold between individuality of architecture and continuity of the urban landscape envisaged in the master plan by Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani.  The new architectural complex introduces a morphological variation within the form of urbanity generated by the urban design principle of the grid and  refers to an idea of civic, urban and architectural richness of the campus as “part of the city”, which resides in a “transitional space” conceived as a “place of exploration and open thought” both expressing the public realm at multiple urban levels and strengthening the image of the Campus.

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