Thesis title:
Research Center. Life science campus Basel, Switzerland

Date of discussion:
October 2020

Natália Okáliová, Mariia Mikheeva

Professors of the Studio:
Francesca Battisti (Architectural Design)
Grigor Angjeliu (Structural Design)
Lavinia Chiara Tagliabue (Technology and design in BIM Environment)
Francesco Romano (Building Services Design)
Giovanni Dotelli (Innovative Materials for Architecture)

As per the choice of University of Basel, the 70 year old Schällemätteli Campus shall be re-identified and become a leading Life Science Institution. Several buildings across the complex have been completely altered, giving the institution a new form of distinctiveness and a new urban strategy.
Plot n. 4 is located on one of the most challenging sites of the campus. Residing on the historic end of the city, previously enclosed by the city gates, indicates the historic importance. The existing buildings symbolise a fictional border between two urban typologies, the large campus and the humbled residential zone. The design of a new functional research centre, hosting three different departments along with a large public library and gallery, will connect these two dissimilar worlds…
Connective. Green. Human. A “radiant” piazza and a main urban axis cut the block into three volumes, each serving a different academic department. Lowering the central edges of the roof refers to human scale and directly communicates with the bypassing users. By contrast to the “superstructure”, the underground area is homogenous. To provide quality and pleasant basement environment, unusual interior gardens are provided in, breaking off symmetry, bringing in light and visual connection to the urban level. Additional extraordinary feature is the glass galleria. A public museum that combines daring structural solutions along with the renewed identity of the campus.

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