Thesis title:
REVERSE TO REBIRTH. Restoration and Transformation of Società Umanitaria

Date of discussion:
15 December 2020

Jihyang Huh, Eylul Cucumak

Giulio Massimo Barazzetta

Professors of the Studio
Giulio Massimo Barazzetta (Architectural Design)
Rossana Gabaglio (Architectural Preservation)
Angela Silvia Pavesi (Technology and Design in BIM Environment)
Mauro E. Giuliani (Structural Design )
Luca A. Piterà (Building Services Design)
Lucia Toniolo (Materials for Preservations)

Società Umanitaria represents Milan’s educational trace for about 130 years from its birth in 1893. It is a living witness of Milan’s history, which has been through the important social role of the industrial age, leading the foundation for education through various innovative attempts. The proposed intervention is aimed at preserving and transforming site and buildings based on their historical significance. The Restoration and Transformation Project of Società Umanitaria has been led by tracing the historical documents: Romano’s architectural drawings, the official website, historical photos, books, magazines, and journals. Through these acts, we found some structural hints from buildings and sites during the geometrical survey: the regular grid systems of Romano’s Convitto, the structure of massive underground parking and the giant circular ramp at the parking entrance have become our inspiration. The traces of the past let us understand the socio-political and cultural trends and the architectural movements of the period, especially the ones emerged after World War II, when Convitto was built through prominent architects and precedents. We brought back the zeitgeist when Umanitaria and the architecture flourished in our current interventions: it’s Rationalism architecture and Mushroom structure. Each style has been incorporated it into our design as we learned their masterminds, techniques, and philosophy through as well as the spirit of the times.

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