Thesis title:
MEPROPOLIS. From green architecture to pollination’s building

Thesis discussion date:
18 December 2019

Harrison Wagor, Sadegh Haghighat

Maria Grazia Folli

Professors of the Studio:
Maria Grazia Folli (Architectural Design)
Corrado Pecora (Structures)
Lavinia Chiara Tagliabue (Technology and Design in BIM Environment)
Giovanni Dotelli (Innovative Materials for Architecture)
Francesco Romano (Building Services Design)

Mepropolis is the name of the project, summarizing in a single word the aim of the building. The goal of the research is to design a new EU department for the preservation of biodiversity and pollination. The design idea behind the work is in fact to combine the two main areas of expertise.
On the one hand, there is the concept of “metropolis”, as the intervention is aimed at an urban context, in order to exploit the visibility given by the spotlights of the city and then reach a dimension of iconicity, both from a social and political point of view.
On the other hand, there is also a reference to the concept of “propolis”, as a metaphor of a solution or cure for a problem on a global scale such as the loss of bio diversity and especially of the phenomenon of pollination.

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