Thesis title:
MOB: multifunctional open building

Date of discussion:
October 2022

Margherita Molinari, Federica Mungo

Professors of the Studio:
Francesca Battisti (Architectural Design)
Grigor Angjeliu (Structural and Seismic Design)
Massimiliano Nastri (Sustainable Technology)
Francesco Romano (Services Design for Sustainable Buildings)
Giovanni Dotelli (Sustainable Materials for Architecture)

In recent decades, the world has witnessed a radical change in the concept of construction, based on the need to create buildings with the lowest possible environmental impact. This is the concept that gave rise to MOB – Multifunctional Open Building – in the context of the new Milan Innovation District (MIND). MIND, like MOB, builds on the legacy of EXPO 2015. It is projected into the future with a focus on sustainability and innovation, both in terms of construction techniques and in the creation of the district’s social and cultural identity. This is why all the choices that led to the final design took this aspect into account, from sustainable construction techniques and materials to the innovative interdisciplinary and multi-scale approach – both urban and architectural.
The organisation of the new district has been carefully reconsidered, studying its relationship with the surrounding area. The building aims to become a landmark through the adoption of organic shapes, a real hub within the green heart of MIND, thanks to its openness and versatility.
The public nature of the building made it suitable for accelerating innovation based on interaction and collaboration, as well as giving people a spatial experience. In fact, in all the choices made, the flow of users was always at the centre of attention, creating continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

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