Thesis title:
Sharing House

Date of discussion:
December 2023

Diana Kuzina, Aurélien Lerouge, Kaifan Zhang

Professors of the Studio:
Maria Grazia Folli (Architectural Design)
Corrado Pecora (Structural and Seismic Design)
Marco Imperadori (Sustainable Technology)
Giovanni Dotelli (Sustainable Materials for Architecture)
Lorenzo Pagliano (Services Design for Sustainable Buildings)

The Sharing House project is a library located in the Farini district of Milan, Italy, covering an area of approximately 30,000 square meters. It is located in an area that is planned to become an important urban development and takes in consideration the proposed masterplan for the area.
This library serves as an important gathering place for people. Visitors are expected to come from different cultural backgrounds, fostering the exchange and sharing of knowledge, ideas, and cultures, creating atmospheres of openness and inclusivity. From this comes the name of the project seen as a <<Place of Sharing>>.
The layout of the library is thoughtfully organized to facilitate these interactions, with distinct zones that merge to one boundaryless space on the upper levels. The architectural shell has been developed through all the design processes and started from the idea of fragmenting the space into “bubbles” shaped according to the heterogeneity of visitors. The complexity of this one standing element generates indoor and outdoor atmospheres. It introduces the idea of the exceptional object in a box-shaped building and serves as a portal that invites individuals to traverse and experience the organic volume while inviting them to visit the library.
The project focuses on a multidisciplinary study, where all aspects are considered essential to generate the architectural form. We used architectural coherence, using an honest structural approach, effective material choices, while reducing as much as possible the carbon footprint. This project applies modern design concepts and logic while utilizing emerging BIM design tools to create an open, diverse, sustainable and innovative library.

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