A sustainable and high-tech cultural data-center in Alexandria, Egypt

Thesis title:
A sustainable and high-tech cultural data-center in Alexandria, Egypt.

Thesis discussion date:
18 Dicembre 2019

Parinaz Karamati

Maria Grazia Folli

Professor of the Studio:
Maria Grazia Folli (Architectural Design)
Corrado Pecora (Structures)
Lavinia Chiara Tagliabue (Technology and Design in BIM Environment)
Giovanni Dotelli (Innovative Materials for Architecture)
Francesco Romano (Building Services Design)

The building is located in Alexandria, Egypt, and consists of spaces devoted to a data center, a museum dedicated to international cultures and a research center. The architectural element has the purpose of creating a monument that represents the territory of the city of Alexandria, welcoming its current and future needs and requirements.
This purpose is intended to be carried out by searching for those characters with which it intends to identify the building. Furthermore, the design involved the interaction of different fields of an architectural project.
And so, the project involved the interaction between the architectural composition, the choice and application of materials, the study of the integrated structure. All this through the support of BIM design and a study of the systems. The key word that guided the building is sustainability from an architectural and constructional point of view compatible with the needs of Alexandria.

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