Theatre project in Naumburg city

Thesis title:
DRAMA ORIENTED NARRATIVE DESIGN. Theatre project in Naumburg city

Thesis discussion date:
3 Ottobre 2019

Tianxin Zheng, Nongquan Yang, Hanxi Du

Maria Grazia Folli

Professor of the Studio:
Maria Grazia Folli (Architectural Design)
Corrado Pecora (Structures)
Lavinia Chiara Tagliabue (Technology and Design in BIM Environment)
Giovanni Dotelli (Innovative Materials for Architecture)
Francesco Romano (Building Services Design)

The project for the Naumburg theatre is the architectural result of a drama oriented narrative design logic of contemporary theatre design.
Firstly, the research deeply illustrates theatrical performance spaces through the study of narrative in aspects of drama and theatre.
Then, the thesis moves on to the theatre-related stories in the urban and prison perspective. As a result, two storylines are defined and classified, “theatre development” history and “prison” history, which are connected in series to form the unique narrative of the site. Secondly, the strategy starts from three key aspects: history and memory, multi-task of theatre and education, followed by the design process step-by-step.
The thesis describes methodologies followed in transforming these narrative elements into architecture language, which is supported by specific space and different spatial narrative circulations, respectively. Three narratives of spatial experience in theatre are defined: narrative of museum, theatre and exterior public space. In addition, technical services, structure, BIM technology and material study, as appendixes, support the Naumburg theatre project integrally and effectively.

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